Take Me Back

By the moment you waved your hand and said goodbye;
I kept the words of farewell inside my chest.
I held back the feelings, clenching until it die.
I faked a smile while having tears in my eyes.

Memories and flashbacks of sepia brims over;
Slowly recalling those repetitive, lenient days.
Did I made a wish that will never come true?
Did I made a promise that will never happen at all?

I don’t want to let go but I don’t want to be selfish.
My contradicting self always gets ahead of me.
Even though this is not the last time we’ll see each other.
My heart aches just to know that you will go.

I still hum the songs we used to sing together,
A lullaby that we held on each other’s shoulder.
Without you, I know that it will never sound the same
A broken sonnet that will beat solemnly in my chest.

Will I hope for my tears to fade as time goes on?
I encourage myself, knowing that it’s time to move on.
I’ll be praying so we can meet again somewhere.
Under the same blue sky where I sit and ponder.

“Let’s meet each other again someday.”
Is this another promise I can never keep?
I lose my voice, knowing the future’s uncertainty.
I want to go back and see how it all begun.

But everything that begins need to have an end.
Autumn wind fades and winter chills my hand.
The things around me move way too fast…
And I’m left behind, stuck with emotions I can’t withstand.

Those things that left me behind;
Those things I lose sight of;
Those things I can’t get hold of;
Will they ever go back?


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