Our last night’s conversation is my only life support;
I’m led to the emergency room with lament as my escort.
I wrapped my severed arteries as my final souvenir;
A memento of romance that solemnly disappears.

You don’t have any plans to revive this affection;
And bringing down the knife was your remaining intention.
There’s no time to fix us, there’s no hope to repair;
Your one, final wish was to alleviate this despair.

As moments pass by, I accepted your denials;
You found this precious ending very essential.
There’s no need to volunteer, no need to ask;
You prepared my deathbed as your final task.

As the dawn arrived, my struggles are done;
The grief is over, the battle you’ve won.
In your arms I lie, just like Augustus to Livia;
You ended my misery in catharis and euthanasia.


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