Dedication of a Trull

She was lulled in catharsis
Neon lights dyed in amaryllis
Skirt and frills such cover her flesh
Bestial desire and lustful night that mesh

A night bribed by synthetic arousal
Highly intoxicated by pleasures of denial
Trapped by her own abysmal maze
Realization that there’s no saving grace

She’s a menagerie of her own
Her jousting is accompanied by moan
Unsatiable vermins that puddle in a beat
Like animals basking in estrous heat

She loved how she mar her very existence
Taking for granted Adam’s fallacious romance
She ensnared themselves in Pandora’s labyrinth
Evil conscience that became their precinct

Oh, will she find resentment behind the lies?
Immobilized by the mirror right before her eyes.
Stoned, she overdosed herself with lust;
Penetrated herself with poison and rust.

And now she’s cornered in her oblivious garden
No prince will awaken this mangle maiden..
Decadence became her forsaken earth
As she fully embraced her folly and dirt


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