Everything was blank, everything was white;
Until your nails burrowed deep inside my heart.
Will I regret the affection you brought into my life?
These feelings that tainted my chest in red and black.

Every wound, every scar, they resonate your name;
Every heart beat still reminds me of the day we first met.
The very first letter, very first smile, and the very first kiss;
I’m still wondering why we ended up like this.

Take me back to the days of gentleness and warmth;
I want to recall the summer time we embraced each other.
Reminisce every time we held each other’s hand;
And never let go of the chance I’ve wasted that same night.

Why did I lose you? Where did you go?
This happiness, disappearing like your afterglow.
Everything that we have, transient like a miracle;
Something that is lost and will never happen again.

Now I’m desperate to recall you voice, every fragment of your laughter;
But these thoughts of you, simply engulfed by my own nightmares.
I want to be with you, no matter how impossible it is;
Reality or dream, I don’t care if we’re just made-up memories.


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