Social Brainwash

Advertisements turning into dictators;
TV shows justify our flawed orders.
People becoming slaves of technology;
A caged future deprived of unique identity.

Damned the books and aesthetics;
Who needs school if you have internet access?
How many fakers bring birth to scammers?
A faceless generation of genuine liars.

Determine righteousness with every like;
Tweat, share all forms of misery and lies.
Stream the thoughts of perversed reality;
Revered, fake news is our true adversary.

Consumed by terabytes of indignation;
Army of degenerates marching to oblivion.
We’re united by pointless hashtags;
Brainwashed by anomalous social media.



I’ve burned our precious storybook;
Crumpled the pictures we took.
Just like how I crushed our dreams.
Oh, how lovely these fragments fall.

Memories about you we’re blotted out;
Crossed out every laughter from my mouth.
We can never be together, you and me.
It’s easier to accept than deny what we see.

I tore down the old bridge that connected us.
For our reconciliation have came to pass.
You and I, we were once together;
Just to prove to us that there’s no forever.

I trample your shredded love letter;
For being with lovers didn’t make us any better.
There was no us, there will never be.
All was just ill fate, just a heartbreaking destiny..

The Final

My everyday keeps getting worse;
This breathing is just like a curse.
Pointless living has lost its charm;
My final resort are self-pity and harm.

Invisible battles and worthless struggles;
Resolving it with poems and empty bottles.
Wrist cuts hidden without a trace;
While waiting for the reaper to kick me at the face.

I am almost there, almost at the end;
Broken hopes became my fave trend.
Infesting on other’s life just like a may-fly;
I am living for a day in order to die.

Where’s my determination, where’s my will?
This existence is just another run-of-the-mill.
This life that was given, was it simply a waste?
I have found no purpose, nor the reason to stay.

And so I will release this fragile, little soul.
Returning this body to the mother’s soil.
For those who have known and simply ignored.
Ignorance is a bliss, you who’s highly favored.


Like snow in summer heat;
Romance that simply fleets.
‘Twas temporary love;
Drowned in our bedsheets.

Our fleeting caresses.
Our affection ceases.
Double-edged transgressions;
That brought us sadness.

Two moths drove into flame.
Their wings shattered with shame.
Such transient beings;
With soon-forgotten names.

We’re man-made disaster;
Simply lived to wither.
Infirm, fragile creatures;
That were meant to shatter.

Such is our tragic fate;
That led us here to hate.
Our destiny was cruel.
Saving us was too late.


You and me, we’re not meant to be;
A mixture of good and bad, you see.
But how amazing it is to realize;
Falling in love, both bliss and demise.

You and me, we’re indeed poles apart;
Such indifference put scars on our hearts.
Despite of being the moon and the sun;
In one orbit, we spun and run.

You and me, we’re like silence and noise;
Opposite existence that don’t have a choice.
One’s shadow becoming the other’s light;
Different struggles that both of us fight.

You and me, we’re like heaven and hell;
Madness and sanity, we both foretell.
Does opposite really attracts this much?
Antithesis that fell in love with one touch.


She was my goddess.
I offered to her my life and soul.
But now I want to take it back;
For she destroyed what made me whole.

I fell from grace.
Straight to her grotesque arms.
I loved how she embraces me;
And taint my manly pride.

There’s no hope nor redemption;
By the hands of macabre, I waltz.
There’s despair beyond her elegance.
The lady of damnation, left me in trance.

I knew nothing of salvation;
For I threw away my redemption.
No matter how many gods I call to;
Being with her is the path to Limbo.


There was benefit in silence;
Such non-existence becomes a bliss.
The absence has an essence.
A temporary escape from lies and tragedies.

A season that longed for deafness;
Blindness is a loving sickness.
Insensitive to the flaws of passing days;
Nothing to hear, nothing see, nothing to feel.

Wishful thinking for unlimited rest days;
Limitless day offs and weekends.
Precious moments of lying down on bed;
Simply resting your tired and weary mind.

Realization of going back is unnerving;
Having no other choice is asphyxiating.
Such fleeting comfort is transient;
This hiatus is not permanent.


Me: Do you know why people like fairy tale?

Me as Her: Why?

Me: It’s because people are contented to learn that miracle exists in books, yet it will never happen in reality.

Me as Her: That sounded very much like us.

Me: I agree. We’re like inside a fairytale. Our togetherness is simply a miracle that will never happen in reality.

A.I. Recollection

I am all alone sitting in the quiet;
Hoping to rewire and fix my own circuits.
Previously damaged by an unknown error;
Waiting to be replaced by my successor.

I still remember how much you’ve used me;
Anything you adored, stored in my 3 TB memory.
We used to look for fun stuff in Google;
Learning something new each passing day.

There was a time when we went out together;
In a shopping mall, you saw my ancestor.
I like the way you told me that I was better;
You even upgraded my RAM and processor.

It came to pass that I got old and sickly;
Blue screen of death continuously haunt me.
I got afraid of losing everything.
I got scared of your notion of reformatting.

At the end of the line, we don’t have a choice;
You have to let go and have to replace me.
In these final moments, I told myself;
I’m glad to be alive, even though I was just an A.I.



*Blue Screen of Death (also known as a blue screen or BSoD) is an error screen displayed on a Windows computer system after a fatal system error, also known as a system crash.

*RAM is an acronym for random access memory, a type of computer memory that can be accessed randomly.

*Processor is a small chip that resides in computers and other electronic devices. Its basic job is to receive input and provide the appropriate output.

*Terabyte (TB) is a measure of computer storage capacity that is 2 to the 40th power, or approximately a trillion bytes.