A Man and A Woman

There is a man and a woman;
Both in love with each other.
He likes her but she’s dense to understand.
She likes him but he’s too much in demand.

There is a man and a woman;
Both caring for each other.
He texts her but she doesn’t reply.
She calls him but he simply passes by.

There is a man and a woman;
Both wanting for each other.
He searches for her but she’s not around.
She ignores him while he’s easy to be found.

There is a man and a woman;
A man that remained a man.
A woman that remained a woman.
Such ill is their fate that they both found no one.


Modern Day Blindness

Social Media, news articles and the society;
Underlying discord and masked atrocities.
Beheaded rights and distorted mannequins;
Leaders that are heralded by puppeteers.

Pride, self-righteous, futility and vanity;
Toxics that made up modern humanity.
Deluded in vain, secluded in truth;
Engulfed by chaos, turned into a brute.

High-rise building with low-class attitudes;
Perverted ideals that turned lies to truths.
Conceived maggots that engulfs the earth;
A forsaken land since the day of our birth.


I want to shout, hoping that no one will hear;
I woe in silence as my heart hides in sheers.
There’s no point believing, no point to try;
My soul has a crevice, my emotions spilled out.

Oh blissless night, why awaken my chaos?
Why did I let chameleons incite my inner demons?
Have I reached my limit for flippancy and mockery?
Can someone tell me, is it my fault to feel bad for humanity?

I swallow distraught because I know my imperfection;
I accept this scarred face that doesn’t deserve affection.
My few, good deeds will never justify my uncountable flaws;
Because I’m quickly forsaken like a worn out rug.

My judges know how to balance the good and the bad;
But their weighing scales are bigger than their hands.
Thousands of sacrifices worth one, obsolete dime;
And a day of failure is considered an inexcusable crime.

My world revolves in barren woods and damned places;
My thoughts are lost in a maze filled with dunderheaded faces.
I am suffocated by the hands of these broken puppeteers;
Blaming me for things that I wish I could’ve done better.

Yes I am fine, and I’m totally all right;
Knowing my rights to feel human have already expired.
Guess this is my just reward for being branded as;
A machine that churns until its oil runs dry.

The Science of Heartbreak

Looking at the possibility of being you and me;
Such synthetic emotion that will remain a theory.
It’s foolish how people see our chemistry;
Aren’t they blinded by our hypocrisy?

Inevitable it is that we hate each other;
We are poles apart even though we are together.
Wish we have studied the science of the heart;
So that we know how we will soon fall apart.

How futile it is that we still hypothesize;
The imbalance between love and demise.
Isn’t it obvious, isn’t it time for us to realize;
Our mere pleasantries turning into bunch of lies.

Maybe there’s more truth in the works of Darwin;
For you are now a missing link where it all begin.
Your departure forced me to survive in this pain;
Only to evolve me to a beast filled with hate and disdain.

Improbable it is to stay by your side;
As we watch our dreams, slowly died.
There’s no point talking about our connection;
For we are antithesis meant for destruction.

Infatuation Toward Aphrodite

Where else on earth can I find such eminent beauty?
Such elegance, my mortal eyes doesn’t deserve to see.
The heaven’s door opened to this thirsty, arid land;
And your divine grace, fell right before my hands.

Your presence resembles a goddess from the midnight sky;
With your simple touch, you ease the tears I cried.
Your affection melts me, right into the depths of my chest;
Into your arms, I can find my solemn rest.

Your perpetual warmth extends to hold me tight;
A kind of love that tends my wounds from endless fights.
Your loving embrace was more than I could realize;
Indeed you are, an angel in disguise.

You’re more than a priest who casts out my demons;
Your breath is my all, your love is my only reason.
A second without you is like a thousand days apart;
You became the blood that flows into my heart.

You are my only goddess, you are my only Aphrodite;
Consider me blind if your not seen by my sight.
I pledge my everlasting and irreplaceable affection;
You deserve nothing more than endless adoration.


By the moment you waved your hand and said goodbye
I kept the words of farewell inside my chest
I held back the feelings, clenching until it die
I faked a smile while having tears in my eyes

Memories and flashbacks of sepia brims over
Slowly recalling those repetitive, lenient days
Did I made a wish that will never come true?
Did I made a promise that will never happen at all?

I don’t want to let go but I don’t want to be selfish.
My contradicting self always gets ahead of me.
Even though this is not the last time we’ll see each other.
My heart aches just to know that you will go.

I still hum the songs we used to sing together,
A lullaby that we held on each other’s shoulder.
Without you, I know that it will never sound the same
A broken sonnet that will beat solemnly in my chest.

Will I hope for my tears to fade as time goes on?
I encourage myself, knowing that it’s time to move on.
I’ll be praying so we can meet again somewhere.
Under the same blue sky where I sit and ponder.

“Let’s meet each other again someday.”
Is this another promise I can never keep?
I lose my voice, knowing the future’s uncertainty.
I want to go back and see how it all begun.

But everything that begins need to have an end.
Autumn wind fades and winter chills my hand.
The things around me move way too fast…
And I’m left behind, stuck with emotions I can’t withstand.

Those things that left me behind
Those things I lose sight of
Those things I can’t get hold of
Will they ever come back?

Story Time

Okay, nothing’s fancy here.

You can leave or I can just go.

What you’re seeing right now is no show.

What I’m telling you is a waste of time.

You’re still here even though you’re pushed away.

Such insatiable hunger for knowledge is hard to sway.

I wouldn’t blame your curiosity regarding this story.

But I tell you, this is the right time for you to flee.

You’re asking me, what is this story?

It’s nothing out of fancy, trust me.

It’s not of grave importance or significant.

It’s just about me, sitting while you stand.

Wait a second, why didn’t I realise.

The one in front of me has the same smile.

Now I understand, I understand why you’re not going away.

For you are my Jekyll and I am Hyde, you see…

Affection – Beyond Sky

No words are enough to describe this passion;
No thoughts adequate to satisfy this emotion.
By speech, nor by action… all is not enough,
Countless adoration, I have for you my only love…

Not even this poem can ever sustain,
The meaning of cherishness, forever shall remain.
I confess my infatuation in this form of legacy,
Hoping you will read, ’till the end of this poetry.

This happiness is not enough to describe what I feel;
Going beyond borders of what’s true and what’s real.
And if you ask me, my words can never tell;
This romantic indulgence, I can’t simply expel.

Love, the only existing word inside my heart.
Compassion, indescribable by Shakesphere’s art.
Such resonance, far beyond the midnight sky;
Even the gods can hear, our amorous sigh!

Knowing it be destiny, or others call ‘fate’;
Only you I adore, you fulfill my kismet.
For only you have the power to quench this thirst;
This longingness for sentiment, which is about to burst.

Hug me, caress me, and do as you please.
Cage me in your arms, your embrace full of bliss.
Rain down from heaven your sweet, tender kiss;
Something for eternity that I wouldn’t dare miss.

Never letting go, your hands that suffice my warmth.
Never letting go, your arms that shields me from harm.
Always waiting here, telling you my love.
Always giving you all, all the things that I have.

Every promise I make, you alone I satisfy,
Not a single day of the calendar to you will I lie.
Even if you seperate the sun from my morning sky;
Not a single, salty tear shall ever leave your eyes.

The poem is done but my affection will remain;
I will keep on loving you, through sorrow and pain.
I’m certain of one thing, knowing it will last…
My love for you is eternity, even if I fade to dust.

Glass Doll

Your feeble fingers can disperse with a single touch.

Such fragile child with an angelic smile.

Your laughter, glistens like snow in summer sky.

And your grasp on my arms feels like a wind that blows by.

I wonder if you melt away when you’re shy.

Your every fragment, so delicate like bones of an infant.

I wonder what will happen should I embrace you now.

Will you realize your disappearance somehow?

Thou shall not be touched, that is a promise.

How unfortunate to be contented gazing to a bliss.

I wish there’s a way that I can take you away;

Without having your legs and limbs being torn apart.

My precious glass doll that can never be mine.

Such irony existing for a lifetime.

I’ll die in contentment, watching from afar.

For I don’t want to shatter your heart made of glass…