Poetry and Words

Thousands of letters;
Forming countless words.
A paper filled with promises;
Slowly crumples into silence.

Contented, in the shadows I stay;
I can never reach you, much to my dismay.
I stare into the void, a world full of darkness.
Yet your smile is all I see, overcasting the sadness.

My world started spinning;
At the glimpse of your face.
Your smile beams like the sunshine;
Your voice made my day.

Oh, the heavens are truly merciful;
Majestic, angelic – your face, so beautiful.
If I’ve known that such hope exist;
I’ve searched for you o’er the mountains and seas.

But words are only words;
Such is the meaning of this poetry.
I’ll continue to write for you my dear;
Even if my life is soaked in misery.

Dedication of a Trull

She was lulled in catharsis
Neon lights dyed in amaryllis
Skirt and frills such cover her flesh
Bestial desire and lustful night that mesh

A night bribed by synthetic arousal
Highly intoxicated by pleasures of denial
Trapped by her own abysmal maze
Realization that there’s no saving grace

She’s a menagerie of her own
Her jousting is accompanied by moan
Unsatiable vermins that puddle in a beat
Like animals basking in estrous heat

She loved how she mar her very existence
Taking for granted Adam’s fallacious romance
She ensnared themselves in Pandora’s labyrinth
Evil conscience that became their precinct

Oh, will she find resentment behind the lies?
Immobilized by the mirror right before her eyes.
Stoned, she overdosed herself with lust;
Penetrated herself with poison and rust.

And now she’s cornered in her oblivious garden
No prince will awaken this mangle maiden..
Decadence became her forsaken earth
As she fully embraced her folly and dirt


Everything was blank, everything was white;
Until your nails burrowed deep inside my heart.
Will I regret the affection you brought into my life?
These feelings that tainted my chest in red and black.

Every wound, every scar, they resonate your name;
Every heart beat still reminds me of the day we first met.
The very first letter, very first smile, and the very first kiss;
I’m still wondering why we ended up like this.

Take me back to the days of gentleness and warmth;
I want to recall the summer time we embraced each other.
Reminisce every time we held each other’s hand;
And never let go of the chance I’ve wasted that same night.

Why did I lose you? Where did you go?
This happiness, disappearing like your afterglow.
Everything that we have, transient like a miracle;
Something that is lost and will never happen again.

Now I’m desperate to recall you voice, every fragment of your laughter;
But these thoughts of you, simply engulfed by my own nightmares.
I want to be with you, no matter how impossible it is;
Reality or dream, I don’t care if we’re just made-up memories.


Our last night’s conversation is my only life support;
I’m led to the emergency room with lament as my escort.
I wrapped my severed arteries as my final souvenir;
A memento of romance that solemnly disappears.

You don’t have any plans to revive this affection;
And bringing down the knife was your remaining intention.
There’s no time to fix us, there’s no hope to repair;
Your one, final wish was to alleviate this despair.

As moments pass by, I accepted your denials;
You found this precious ending very essential.
There’s no need to volunteer, no need to ask;
You prepared my deathbed as your final task.

As the dawn arrived, my struggles are done;
The grief is over, the battle you’ve won.
In your arms I lie, just like Augustus to Livia;
You ended my misery in catharis and euthanasia.


There’s no such thing as forever
Season changes, so does the weather
Everything rots and fades like a flower
A fleeting feeling that withers every winter

Emotions are ephemeral, so does love
It’s a word easily said than have
Our memories can be forgotten
And even a single hope can be forsaken

Dreams are like drawings on the shore
Easily washed away by the waves of time
Hopes are like snow in summer
Melts away as the days get warmer

Everything that begins has an end
A supreme rule no one can break or bend
We are all but a transient being
Heading towards an uncertain end


Words that bring no meaning;
Emotions that have no bearing.
Feelings I kept on holding…
Tonight, I find myself dying.

It’s already over before I even started;
The end of this chapter is plainly scripted.
I cry myself over pain and hatred;
Knowing the chance I selfishly wasted.

To contemplate is pointless…
To procrastinate is worthless.
All I have now is a reminiscence to cherish,
Fleeting, transient memories of bliss.

Take Me Back

By the moment you waved your hand and said goodbye;
I kept the words of farewell inside my chest.
I held back the feelings, clenching until it die.
I faked a smile while having tears in my eyes.

Memories and flashbacks of sepia brims over;
Slowly recalling those repetitive, lenient days.
Did I made a wish that will never come true?
Did I made a promise that will never happen at all?

I don’t want to let go but I don’t want to be selfish.
My contradicting self always gets ahead of me.
Even though this is not the last time we’ll see each other.
My heart aches just to know that you will go.

I still hum the songs we used to sing together,
A lullaby that we held on each other’s shoulder.
Without you, I know that it will never sound the same
A broken sonnet that will beat solemnly in my chest.

Will I hope for my tears to fade as time goes on?
I encourage myself, knowing that it’s time to move on.
I’ll be praying so we can meet again somewhere.
Under the same blue sky where I sit and ponder.

“Let’s meet each other again someday.”
Is this another promise I can never keep?
I lose my voice, knowing the future’s uncertainty.
I want to go back and see how it all begun.

But everything that begins need to have an end.
Autumn wind fades and winter chills my hand.
The things around me move way too fast…
And I’m left behind, stuck with emotions I can’t withstand.

Those things that left me behind;
Those things I lose sight of;
Those things I can’t get hold of;
Will they ever go back?

The Human Mind

The human mind is a dark place;
And its core is filled with disgrace.
People that blame others for their fate;
Treating each other as a snare and bait.

Didn’t we have our own innocence?
How dare we tarnish it by our own decadence.
Our self-centered ideals of the present;
Distorts our future and corrupts what’s recent.

How long was it before the last time we reflect?
For we, humans, are born imperfect.
Histories of our actions, born from indignation
Should our creator regret his own creation?

Say it now, see it when, hear it soon;
Lest we receive judgement as our boon.
Punishments for our deeds that are unjust;
In Shoah we burn as we rot to dust.


The world is full of atrocities;
But people find it beautiful.
This madness that is sickening to the core.
An affection to the smell of nicotine and liquour.

The world is full of darkness;
An unending pool of mud and piss;
Foul nature and distorted features.
Beautiful yet grotesque creatures.

The world is full of deceit;
People harvesting locusts to eat.
A corruption that puts everyone to slow death;
A treasure inside the Pandora’s Box.

The world is a downward spiral;
That spins on its dioriented axis.
A paradoxical labyrinth made up of lies;
A perverted, synthetic paradise.