Modern-Day Slavery

Have you ever thought;
That you’re only born to please others?
Created to do tasks and favors;
A thrall to the masses’ elusive orders.

Have you seen the news today?
Social media shackles what to feel.
Humanity abusing the power of free will;
The number of likes is the basis of what’s real.

Have you read the latest articles?
Truth collared by power and money.
Ears and eyes deprived of reality.
A proof of modern-day slavery.

Have you ever wished;
That this deteriorating society will end?
Well, you are not alone.
There are those who wish to escape this damned hell…


Coffee Break Lovers

We always wait
For that time of the day
Our coffee cups
We take out from display

Warm afternoon
Aroma fills the room
We’re together
With simple smiles that bloom

You always like
Double-shot espresso
While I drink based
On the mood or scenario

We sip coffee
While indulging silence
We are lovers
Only in these moments

Fifteen minutes
We’re back to our stations
Break time is done
So does our affection

Eyes Of Grey

I feel alone;
In a crowded place.
This masquerade:
Sends chill to my bones.

Locking myself;
Inside a dark room.
My heart and soul;
Shoved inside a shelf.

Sometimes you pray;
That you won’t wake up.
Just not to see;
The world dyed in grey.

This hate and grief;
Eats my very core.
Ropes, hang around;
Body, turning stiff.

I feel alone;
Inside my dark room.
Hope not to see;
My body turn stiff.

When I Was King

When I was King;
You are the treasure I’m keeping.
Our dreams is my everything.
I’m contented living.

But crowns get rusted;
The tip of the sword gets jaded.
Now it doesn’t matter anymore.
For I’m a King no more.

The world hated my castles;
Fate slaughtered my ideals.
Time took my only princess;
Your disappearance brought madness.

When am I going to move on?
When will I accept this delusion?
Now that I crawl on the asphalt;
Reminiscing better days we had.

When I was King;
I thought there will be no ending.
Guess I was living in wishful thinking.
Waking up from the reality I am dreaming.

Getting Over You

There is sadness gnawing inside me.
A disease caused by misery.
You tell me I should get a checkup.
For your disappearance will never be easy.

Getting over you by recalling memories.
Aren’t I overdosed, believing in apologies?
Traces of tears I saw on your face.
Delusions started to become my realities.

Am I not done crying over you?
“LET YOU GO,” isn’t that true?
Everyday recalls our yesterdays.
Just when I thought I was over you…

Remind me not to remember your name;
Relieve me from guilt and shame.
For all the things I’ve done to hurt you;
Is no longer my childish game.

Let Go…

It’s okay to see these tears rolling down our faces.
It’s fine to see our smile disappearing without a trace.
Knowing that final goodbyes will take away our misery;
Like a bird to the sky, we shall all be free.

Meetings and partings is a matched set.
No matter how we pretend, it shall soon end.
The hands of the clock doesn’t stop from moving.
It breaks my heart to see us parting.

Letting go from you, together with those memories;
Waking up from a dream which will never happen again.
Such fantasy won’t wait, such happiness won’t stay.
In the end, ‘love’ is just a word that I can only say.

We run furiously towards our reality;
The sorrow we keep, will it end in obscurity?
With sadness in our chest, we should be just saying…
“Goodbye my love, we shall soon be departing”…

Once this love is gone, I would no longer need this heart.
I shall carry this sorrow, back from the start.
Because I did not fall in love with someone;
Who would forget the scars of being in loved.

It doesn’t matter how many distorted dawns will come.
I don’t care if the sun will never see me gone.
Certainly because I’ll be living on my own;
Listening to the sound of my disintegrating fate.

In the end, this heartbreak is not a dream,
Such sentimental struggle keeps our chests from aching.
This lovely scenery is such a painful feeling…
Till when will this agony prolong this breaking?

I’ll be counting sleepless nights until I forget you.
This undisguised emotion will soon disappear with you.
Your radiant smile shall soon fade away too…
Maybe somewhere in the future, I’ll be missing you…

It’s too late to delude, too foolish to whisper.
This breeze of love shall never reach us forever.
Until then, until fates lead you to me.
I’ll swallow this goodbye and wait for eternity.

Blame Game

Reality is harsh for those people who made it so;
Isn’t it true that what you reap is what you sow?
Such is the saying we oftenly forget;
Once we start playing the blame game again.

Most of us get A+ in “pointing finger” test.
But have we seen 3 other fingers directed at our chest?
How come it’s easier to say that it is not our fault;
When our existence is the reason of it all?

Our defense mechanism is as rigid as a tower;
Aren’t we kings who don’t want to be losers?
We take stance and carry pride as a mighty sword.
We are defenders of our very own discord.

Self-preservation by turning off awareness?
Aren’t we asleep every time we commit mistakes?
It’s a coincidence, no it was fate who did it.
Knowing the fact that our hands are the ones tainted.

“It’s not our fault, it is their doing?”
Then what are you doing here, disguising as a human?
Taking responsibility should be the building block of humanity
Yet we trample on it as if it’s a big trickery.

Who needs relationship if you’ll be in the right?
We pass the torch every time there’s a fight.
Aren’t we olympians, expert in sprinting away;
Closer to our goal of avoiding the slip?

This is no big deal, why even bring this up?
Well, blame game is viral if you’re going to ask.
How high do we score or how long have we played?
No one keeps the scorecard because no one wants to be blamed.

A Man and A Woman

There is a man and a woman;
Both in love with each other.
He likes her but she’s dense to understand.
She likes him but he’s too much in demand.

There is a man and a woman;
Both caring for each other.
He texts her but she doesn’t reply.
She calls him but he simply passes by.

There is a man and a woman;
Both wanting for each other.
He searches for her but she’s not around.
She ignores him while he’s easy to be found.

There is a man and a woman;
A man that remained a man.
A woman that remained a woman.
Such ill is their fate that they both found no one.

Modern Day Blindness

Social Media, news articles and the society;
Underlying discord and masked atrocities.
Beheaded rights and distorted mannequins;
Leaders that are heralded by puppeteers.

Pride, self-righteous, futility and vanity;
Toxics that made up modern humanity.
Deluded in vain, secluded in truth;
Engulfed by chaos, turned into a brute.

High-rise building with low-class attitudes;
Perverted ideals that turned lies to truths.
Conceived maggots that engulfs the earth;
A forsaken land since the day of our birth.