The world is full of atrocities;
But people find it beautiful.
This madness that is sickening to the core.
An affection to the smell of nicotine and liquour.

The world is full of darkness;
An unending pool of mud and piss;
Foul nature and distorted features.
Beautiful yet grotesque creatures.

The world is full of deceit;
People harvesting locusts to eat.
A corruption that puts everyone to slow death;
A treasure inside the Pandora’s Box.

The world is a downward spiral;
That spins on its dioriented axis.
A paradoxical labyrinth made up of lies;
A perverted, synthetic paradise.

Let Go

Remember all the poems I wrote for you…
The songs and the melodies I composed to serenade you…
The hopes and ambitions I built around you…
All of them are precious to me… but now…
They’re all but a fragment…
A memory reminding me of how we’ll never be…
Yes, that’s all there is to it.
I loved making stories with happy ending about us.
Guess I only made an ending without happiness attached.
When you told me that I was wise when I took your hand..
I’ve been the fool who prioritized his heart rather than his mind…
I don’t blame you anymore but you can still blame me.
Maybe it will be better than feeling sorry.
Because all of our memories are simply short-lived…
Now I want to tell you, yes, I want to let you know…
The love you’re looking for was never inside me…
That light, that gentleness – all of it were vanquished.
The moment I realized that we’re not meant to be.
Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s better off this way.
While I cage myself in a castle, so far away…
I watch your fade, hoping you’ll be happy and free.
I didn’t read your thoughts, not even once…
Because I know deep inside, you’ll be happier when I’m gone.
I’ve no basis, just this emotion of mine…
I’ve to fake the pain just to tell you I’m fine…
There’s no point trying, I am exhausted.
All efforts are futile, as if my time has been wasted.
But I want to stay honest until the very end…
I’m closing my door, my windows and my casket…
I’ll cover myself, drowning in bedsheets and blankets.
Because I no longer need to wake or even dream…
I’ve no need of sunrise nor the moon and stars.
This will be the last, this will is my final straw..
Goodbye to you my friend, my one and only lover…

Till Death Do Us Part

I started out as a fragment, a piece
A single destruction amidst your pending chaos
I was dying, like a cell-inflicted cancer
Till I started spreading, devouring… infesting

I am the pain surrounded by your affliction
You created me out of your self-infliction
I am the fruit of your precarious actions
And I’m molded by your continues misconceptions

I just realized that I loved you so much
That me being with you is the best form of demise
Let me rot with you, let me tear you apart
Because I’m just lying here, dormant since the start

I’ll be with you, everyday you wake up
I’ll be living inside you like a parasite to a host
I’ll grow and mature like your daughter or son
And I’ll give you the agony that we’ll toast together

4 months, 4 weeks, 4 days
Our countdown strikes like a hammer to the nail
Every inch of pain, we share and feel
A demonstration that our end is real

You may find a cure but surely I’ll never leave you
I’ll invade every nook and crevice of you
You belong to me, no one else
Your descendants and your future as well

Your treatment and remedy are nothing but a waste
We’ll be in one grave in two weeks time
Your flickering heartbeat gives sensation to my blood stream.
I’ll be full-blown by the moment you became my vessel;

Your panting, yes, that heavy breathing.
Let me inhale every last hope you’re exhalling.
Now, do you miss the liquour and the nicotine?
Because that was our first date,
Your first contract to your bride known as death.

I Am…

I’m lost again;
Like a leaf drifting with the wind.
I’m lost again;
Finding life a new meaning.

I soar up high though without wings;
Carried away by fleeting emotions.
Where I began or where I end, I didn’t care;
After all, I’m lost again.

I have my feelings as my lamppost;
Flickering and fading like an afterglow.
I stumble at the crevices of my own shadow;
To where I go, I know I’m lost.

I took my pride and laid it as my map;
Gave in to my ego since it’s all I ever have.
Trapped in this dark, twisted forest of mine;
Forever I am lost to the illusion which is “I am.”


Do you find yourself lost at your own thoughts?

Silent Love

There’s so much life in our silence;
Your heartbeat is the only sound I’m hearing.
Your tears fall, rippling and echoing;
A simple embrace defines all your feelings.

You don’t need to talk, I don’t need to ask;
Our converstations are short-lived like mayflies.
With just one stare, you rekindle the spark;
A single light amidst the dark.

There’s no need to shout, no need to scream;
These broken shards simply shows what we feel.
Astrayed couple, lost in the absence of sound;
Love and hate, in tranquility we found.

Whispered words mean nothing to us;
We express our longing with gesture and touch.
Countless words that we try to say at each other;
They’re nothing but hushes that fail and falter.

We fell in love with our harmonic quietness;
The kind of ambiance in the moment of silence.
Our solemn affection will last forever;
Resonating in our graves, buried six feet under.

P.S. Do you think ACTION speaks LOUDER than WORDS when it comes to love?

Confession of a Defeatist

Seconds of purity and angelic grace;
Easily defiled by a stale embrace.
Lost of beauty, elegance and honesty;
Time can jade even the value of sincerity.

Minutes of warmth and ambitious affection;
Disperses in a trivial misconception.
Such brilliant smile ends up being lukewarm;
A petty tactic for best deception.

Hours of attention and countless concern;
Abused and fanned, damaged and burned.
A new-found love, excessively used;
Regret and pain are lessons to be learned.

Days of dreams and wise decisions;
Simply ended by a pointless suspicion.
Humanity’s soul knitted in a hunch;
A ridiculous risk, a falsified intution

Weeks of effort and zealous endeavor;
Withers away in a state of disfavor.
Even kings fall off from their high horse;
When they become weak and lost their honor.

Months of commitment and firm loyalty;
Shattered by a glimpse of jealousy.
Fragile hearts made up of rust;
Easily broken by an ounce of distrust.

Years and decades of achievement even rot;
Like a leftover food, molding to dust.
But what matters most are the moments you seized;
A treasured downfall from all your defeat.

What’s your worst failure in life?

Phantom Pain

Years passed by and you’re long gone;
But the pain has been dormant inside my chest.
Somewhere, somehow, it kills me inside;
I’m torn & decapitated, like an old guitar.

My heart’s long gone but the pain is here to stay;
No matter what I do, it doesn’t go away.
What is it to hope, what is it to pray;
If the remnants of our memories pierces me everyday?

I’ve long discarded my need of hearing;
‘Coz your gentle laughter lost its meaning.
The love I felt from your warm, soothing voice;
Was now replaced by static, pointless noise.

I’m blinded by the tears but I can’t stop from crying.
Your smile flashes back, like a strike of lightning.
I kept on chasing your face even if I can’t see it;
You’re nothing but a mirage that exists in the mist.

I’ve cut my throat, yet my voice is still quivering;
Endless heartache resonates through the songs that I sing;
Would you please listen to my pathetic, hopeless bawl?
Have mercy on me and answer my last call.

I’ve suffocated myself but your scent is emanating.
I try to forgot the fragrance of your hair swaying.
A whiff of your skin sends despair down to my spine;
Rekindling the regret, asking if you’ll still be mine.

I’ve become so numb but why am I still aching?
I felt so cold even though the sun is shining.
Is this the suffering for giving you my everything?
Or is this the punishment for living the life you’ve given?

Now I’ve lost my sense and my life was wasting away;
I have only one wish that I beg and pray.
Have mercy on me and give back the life I’m living;
Let go of my heartstrings that you were still pulling…

According to doctors, “phantom pain” is a kind of pain that feels like it’s coming from a body part that’s no longer there. Do you think this kind of pain exists emotionally?